I started creating art about ten years ago while attending Washington State University. I quickly found that the act of creating and painting brought my mind to a place of peace. It also allowed me to do something I have always had the desire to do, namely bringing something positive, new, creative and original into this world.

When I am doing the work and creating a piece of art there is no fully set blueprint or plan. Each time I create a piece I am working off a rough idea and experimenting with emotion, color, shape, balance and motion. In each piece, I'm striving to produce an experience that is unique to each individual who views it.

I believe creating art and pursuing it as a career also helps break the expectational norms of society, that keep us shackled to what we perceive to be a successful path in life. There are innumerable, potentially successful paths in life, many of which have no blueprint. I encourage you to seek your own path, create your own blueprint, and follow your true passions!

Special thank you to all of my wonderful collectors. I couldn't Do this without you!